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Quora: Questions on Holy Spirit Jesus

  • Debbie Harrington
    Who or what is the Holy Spirit?
    Jesus didn't leave us here helpless,but with the ultimate gifts of the Holy Spirit,that all Christians have,some have multiple gifts,but few seek them. Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. To deny …
  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith questioning journeyer2/23/2014
    Who or what is the Holy Spirit?
    I have meditated on and prayed about these questions over the years and the main lesson I have learnt is that the claim regarding the presence of the Holy Spirit is supposed to be difficult and mysterious. But when I acknowledge that …
  • Andy Howard
    Andy Howard Dabbler, Dad, and Downtown Cyclist2/20/2014
    Who or what is the Holy Spirit?
    In my understanding, the Father is God's observational presence, the Son is his physical presence, and the Spirit is his psychological presence. Basically, each of the Trinity serves a different. The Father, as a real father does, watches …

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