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Quora: Questions on Imran Khan Pakistan

  • Usman Ahmed
    Why did Imran Khan lose in Pakistan elections?
    1. Punjab has 148 out of 272 National Assembly seats and Punjab did not give Imran Khan a sweeping mandate. 2. Why didn't Punjab give him mandate? Because the way he conducted his campaign, he and his party big shots would, …
  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan Payments Ninja!4/6/2013
    Why does Imran Khan divide opinion in Pakistan?
    I'm not sure where you are hearing that Imran Khan is dividing opinion in Pakistan. You know what they say about Opinions: Opinion is like an asshole - everyone has got one! He is certainly not misunderstood. He's been citing the …
  • Tasneem Hameed
    Tasneem Hameed An Internationalist by attitude, a Peace Activist by aptitude, and a strong believer in a peaceful, prosperous and joyous world based on the principles of Equality, Equity and Empathy.10/27/2012
    Why does Imran Khan divide opinion in Pakistan?
    Having a different opinion does not amount to dividing opinion. When Imran says that the war on terror has been imposed by the US on Pakistan and that it should come out of it and initiate peace efforts, there is truth to it especially the …

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