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Quora: Questions on Karma

  • Larry Mann
    Larry Mann Born right the first time10/17/2012
    Does Karma actually Exist?
    I don't believe in any supreme being or other forces which try to even things up for the good or bad we've done, so I'd say that karma doesn't exist. That doesn't mean that you don't sometimes get what you deserve, but I think these things …
  • Katherine Rand
    Do you believe in karma, and why?
    In Buddhist thought, karma (Pali: kamma) is literally translated as volition, intention, or action. Most simply it can be understood as cause and effect. David Loy says: > Just as the food that I eat is digested and becomes part of my physical …
  • Madhuri Shah
    Madhuri Shah Education Advocate12/7/2013
    How do I perform Karma Yoga?
    Bhagavad Gita is a timeless trove of knowledge that has been referenced by great minds in the past and continues to inspire and educate those who take the time and effort to attempt to understand its messages. Every person reading the …
  • Miguel Valdespino
    Miguel Valdespino professional amateur12/21/2013
    Does the karma theory work?
    It is impossible to prove that it works because there is no explicit causality. We can't link good and bad events to past events. Counting the number of good and bad things that happen also fails, because some may be caused by coincidence. …
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