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Quora: Questions on Katy Perry

  • Marc Bodnick
    Marc Bodnick Leads Quora business & community teams12/2/2013
    Is Katy Perry the best female singer ever?
    I don't think anyone reasonable thinks this. It's such a ridiculous question that it makes you wonder whether the question was posted as a joke. Here's a fan list that has her ranked at #13: That …
  • Joe Geronimo Martinez
    Joe Geronimo Martinez Let's all calm down and drink tea12/2/2013
    Is Katy Perry the best female singer ever?
    There are other candidates of course, who had hits more than a year ago. I'd say Aretha Franklin had more soul Minnie Ripperton had greater range. Britney Spears looked better in a school unifrom Sinead O'Connor is better politically …

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