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Quora: Questions on Lionel Messi

  • Sidharth Nadhan
    Sidharth Nadhan Physical Design Engineer, Loves Cricket, Football, Carnatic music10/17/2013
    What is Lionel Messi Diet Plan?
    Below is the menu, the Argentine staff asked for when they came for a friendly against Venezuela in India, August,2011 : "Besides tea, coffee, cold and hot milk, they would drink natural orange and grapefruit juice, soda waters of different …
  • Vignesh Sridharan
    What was Lionel Messi's greatest goal?
    Apart from the ones mentioned already, I think this free kick of his against Atletico Madrid is a beautiful goal. Just watching the ball curve past the goal keeper, from that angle and dipping into the top corner makes you go "Wow"! …
  • Nawfal Hasan
    Who is better? Lionel Messi or Roger Federer?
    It's impossible to objectively say who has scaled higher heights as far as human athletic and creative brilliance is concerned; tennis requires a different skill set than football. Hard to assess and hence its almost imposssible to give a right …
  • Trent Pattie
    Who is lionel messi?
    Born 24th of June 1987, Lionel Andreas Messi is an Argentinian footballer who many believe is the best player to have ever played the game. He currently plays his football for Spanish club F.C Barcelona. Messi currently holds a mass …
  • Omar Abu Omar
    Is there really a rivalry between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo?
    As far as I know/understand no public statements have been made by any of the two about the other player. The media though is always hyping it up because of a variety of reasons: - Catalunia region vs. Madrid and the historic and ongoing …
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