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Quora: Questions on Miley Cyrus

  • Mark Hamric
    Mark Hamric The B.A.Q. Man© Biblically Answers Questions.9/7/2013
    Is Miley Cyrus corrupting our teenagers?
    I can't say she is corrupting our youth but I think she is corrupting herself. Her actions aren't much different than those of other entertainers of her generation. When the Beatles were sweeping the country a lot of people said they were …
  • Kat Lightman
    Kat Lightman "Depression is my war, not my handicap.11/1/2013
    What do you think of Miley Cyrus?
    I'm going to be a bit of the devil's advocate here. I personally cannot stand Miley Cyrus, mostly it's her talking voice. She just sounds like she's been smoking for 50 years. I was astonished recently to find a song by Miley Cyrus which I …
  • Nicole Wintersmith-Coombs
    Is Miley Cyrus corrupting our teenagers?
    No, I think people overestimate how much sway celebs really have over kids. Sure there are the occasional kid who goes to great extremes to emulate their idols but they are outliers and I don't think Miley is anyones idol at this point in …
  • Lisa Garner
    Is Miley Cyrus the Marilyn Monroe of today?
    Miley cyrus is Miley Cyrus...people have criticized her since her Hannah Montana days and now feel like they actually have a valid say in what she does ...Miley can do what she wants simply because its her life...Marilyn slept with …
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