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Quora: Questions on New Zealand

  • Sam Barberie
    Sam Barberie Ologist, sambarberie.com3/15/2013
    Reviews of: New Zealand
    ★★★★★ New Zealand is a pretty kickass country. I've had the pleasure of traversing both its North and South Islands on nearly month-long journey. As such, I can't speak necessarily to living and working there, but certainly enough to its …
  • Jay Best
    Jay Best Entrepreneur, CEO, Geek5/14/2013
    Do squatters rights still apply in New Zealand?
    I do not believe that squatters rights have ever applied in NZ. The whole concept is completely foreign to me, and it would be a simple call to the police, and they would biff someone who was staying in your house. If you just find a house …
  • Luke Preston-Marshall
    Is New Zealand slow in terms of technology?
    No. Here in New Zealand we have just about every technology you have in the USA (assuming you're from the USA). While many such things originate in the US and thus reach you before us, anything that is widely used over there can be …
  • Geoff Bolton
    Geoff Bolton squashy human2/27/2013
    Can one swim from New Zealand to Australia?
    As others have said, it's a huge distance. It is also quite unlike swimming in a pool - you would be contending with open ocean swells and currents. There is a tropical flow that runs from the equator down the east coast of Australia and …
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