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Quora: Questions on Nicki Minaj

  • Chloe Shani Malveaux
    Chloe Shani Malveaux Software Engineer, Tea Enthusiast, Atheist with a fondness for Buddhist philosophy, Photographer 7 days ago
    Does anyone at all find Nicki Minaj attractive?
    Of course not. ZERO PEOPLE IN THE WORLD FIND HER ATTRACTIVE. When viewing her music videos and photo shoots people do all they can to refrain from vomiting at her ghastly visage! "Umm can we find a burn victim and put a wig …
  • Chris Conroy
    Does Nicki Minaj help feminism?
    Nicki Minaj in no way shape or form helps the cause of feminism. The same way Beyonce Knowles is not a feminist. Women like Nicki Minaj are in fact very harmful to the progress of women today because she advocates the …
  • Aaron Ellis
    Aaron Ellis The A is silent. 3/13/2014
    Why is Nicki Minaj so popular?
    Beyond the talent, here are five reasons for Nicki Minaj's popularity. 1. Hype: When she started out, Nicki Minaj is surrounded by hype, some of which was self-generated, some of which was the product of label marketing. The self …
  • Franco Figueredo
    Does Nicki Minaj write her own lyrics?
    89%of the lyrics. The pop ones like starships just the half of them. "Come on a cone" has like other 2 more writers. But its because they sa "nicki this verse would be cool" but shes talented and its so easy for her writing. thats her …
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