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Quora: Questions on Oscar Wilde

  • Brad MacDonald
    Did Oscar Wilde self-identify with "Bohemian" culture?
    Hello, I'm working on the same question for my PhD thesis. Have you found anything? Perhaps we could compare notes? If so, give me a shout at Wilde is part of my upcoming chapter so I haven't delved …
  • Hunter McCord
    Hunter McCord Please no A2A's for awhile.4/8/2013
    What were Oscar Wilde's writing inspirations?
    Per The below discusses Oscar Wilde's inspiration for "The picture of Dorian Gray" The Picture of Dorian Gray This is a story about debauchery and corruption of …
  • James Thomson
    James Thomson cooking, wine, business, technology, HR, harpsichord music and gliding11/12/2012
    Was Oscar Wilde an anarchist?
    Not in any conventionally accepted meaning of the word. Wilde was certainly not minded to favor the overthrow of the existing order. I would describe as an iconoclast. He enjoyed skewering the pretensions of the day, and he was …
  • Brook Radelfinger
    Brook Radelfinger captive of fate family law attorney8/8/2012
    What are Oscar Wilde's best short stories?
    the stories you mention are his sweet side,before he was damaged by life, as so many of us are. they were all written before he met Alfred Douglas, and lived the hell of the court case and prison. I always wonder what he might have written …
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