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Quora: Questions on Pink Floyd

  • Aniket Chakrapani
    Which is better Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd?
    Ill start by saying I gave a similar answer previously, and Im VERY lazy, so after ctrl+c, ctrl+v and some editing(the first and last paras) :- TL;DR version - PINK FLOYD>EVERYONE Longer Version : Led Zeppelin is without doubt a decent …
  • Varun Upadhyay
    Varun Upadhyay "A patriotic Indian,an aspiring American2/11/2014
    Did Steve Jobs like Pink Floyd?
    His official biography states that he was a die-hard Bob Dylan fan. His iPod also included only the collection of Dylan songs. He was fascinated by the hippie culture during his college days and he used to drive his car all day long in Silicon …
  • Stuart Burley
    Stuart Burley 90% of what I say is with tongue firmly in cheek. It's that other 10% you should worry about.3/21/2014
    Were Pink Floyd Britain's best blues band?
    I thought Cream may get a mention, maybe Fleetwood Mac - but The Jimi Hendrix experience British? Hardly! Okay, Bluesbreakers were a good blues band - primarily because of the excellent yet ultimately transient personnel; I for one …
  • Rohit Sudarsan
    Which is better: Pink Floyd or Nirvana?
    tl;dr This question is stupid. You don't compare musicians/bands the way you compare sports teams. Music/art isn't a competition. long answer: This question is so steeped in ignorance and so are a bunch of the answers on the same. Can …
  • Mack McConnell
    Mack McConnell Music, Tech, Bubbles, Lazers, etc...5/15/2012
    Why do people like Pink Floyd?
    The short answer is because they’re awesome. I began to love Pink Floyd for the same reason a lot of people start to like a band - I was drawn to their songs and instrumentation. For me, the first thing I heard was Echoes. I was struck by …
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