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Quora: Questions on Premier League Alex Ferguson

  • Hardik Dedhia
    Hardik Dedhia Philospohy, Mythology and Science hobbyist, Co-Founder of Dialhealth5/2/2013
    Can anyone state Sir Alex Ferguson Tactics?
    Hello folks! I've been following SAF, right from May '99 on the fateful when United rose to glory from the Ashes of the Nou Camp. Since that day SAF, his unadulterated passion to win and his amazing ability to motivate his players, has …
  • Armaan Ismail
    Armaan Ismail Sports fanatic, Student.12/8/2013
    Who's going to win the 2013/14 Premier League?
    As tough as this is to write for a Manchester United supporter, here goes. After 14 rounds of fixtures gone, there are 4 teams in with a realistic shot at the title- Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool. Of course, the January transfer …
  • Christopher Fong
    Who's going to win the 2013/14 Premier League?
    It is still early, but I believe it is between City and Chelsea - they have the squad depth to manage and plow thru a grueling Premiership season. As an Arsenal fan, I hope I am wrong. Tottenham have a formidable roster as well, but I just …

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