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Quora: Questions on Rahul Gandhi India

  • Jaidev Deshpande
    Jaidev Deshpande Python developer, student of machine learning, signal processing and data science.5/3/2013
    Is Rahul Gandhi India's Batman?
    When I stopped laughing, I realized just how insulting this suggestion is, and therefore I am going to answer in detail. 1. India is corrupt, but not like Gotham James Gordon correctly implies that Gotham is absolutely no place for an honest …
  • Ashok Kumar
    Are Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi citizens of India?
    Define citizenship. If you define it as resident of a geographical area identified as a country. Then yes, they are citizens of India. So are all the immigrants coming in from Bangladesh etc. This is the definition i like to follow. If you define …
  • Neel Kumar
    Neel Kumar Geek/Foodie/Traveler/Genealogist/Financial Counselor/Dreamer5/4/2013
    Is Rahul Gandhi the Sarah Palin of India?
    Oh Puhleeze! Sarah Palin, for all the faults she has, was not born with a golden spoon in her mouth. She did not become the Governor of Alaska simply because her last name was Palin. She may be inarticulate (in my opinion) and all …
  • Shubham Morarka
    Shubham Morarka Sachin Tendulkar is better than you.10/3/2013
    Has Rahul Gandhi done anything good for India?
    Even though it is completely and totally politically motivated, trashing the ordinance was brilliant. To think that the highest lawmaking body in the land wanted to protect convicted lawbreakers is not only unconstitutional and …
  • Nitish Alodia
    Nitish Alodia I make petty jokes...6/26/2013
    Why doesnt Rahul Gandhi spend his birthdays in India?
    Assume you have miilions, no sorry, BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ( the source of which is highly debatable so lets just leave that). Now its your birthday. What would you prefer, spending it in your Delhi or in Miami. Rahul Gandhi was not …
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