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Quora: Questions on Red Bull

  • Laura Shirata
    Is Red Bull fattening?
    The amount of sugar you would get from a regular Red Bull is as high as the amount in any soda. If you go for the unsweetened version the artificial sweeteners would make it worse. That kind of energy drinks are always …
  • Akanksha Tiwary
    Akanksha Tiwary Thinking, Fast & Slow!5/14/2013
    Is it safe to drink Red Bull daily?
    The side effects of energy drinks that you need to know about(In general): -The high amount of caffeine in many energy drinks can overstimulate the heart and nervous system and increase blood pressure. -The high amount of caffeine in …
  • Ariel Williams
    Ariel Williams ♀(✿◠‿◠) Dreamer, Writer, Artist. CEO and Co-Founder of WhatchaNeed inc. :D Meep!!5/17/2012
    Can someone O.D. with Red Bull?
    You are more likely to die from overwork with the kinds of hours you describe then over-caffination, period. Fact is though that the caffeine is going to put extra stress on your probably over worked heart. Hire an assistant to help one or …
  • Ross Simmonds
    Ross Simmonds entrepreneur | marketer | blogs @ rosssimmonds.com10/15/2012
    Why did Red Bull sponsor the Stratos Mission?
    Brand Leadership. Brand Leadership is the combination of brand relevance, brand equity and the brands ability to tell a unique, compelling story. Red Bull was able to accomplish all of three of these objectives by being a part of the Red Bull
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