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Quora: Questions on Russell Brand

  • Jason MacDonald
    Jason MacDonald Canadian, pragmatic liberal, armchair philosopher, office manager, attempting to write my first novel10/29/2013
    Has Russell Brand lost it?
    I worry about people like Russell Brand calling for an overthrow of the current political and economic systems. Not because I disagree with him about the diagnosis; on that we basically agree. The problem is that we are aware of the …
  • Rupert Baines
    Rupert Baines Thinking on next challenge. Wireless, chips, comms, start-ups.10/29/2013
    Has Russell Brand lost it?
    In the middle. He is articulating a widespread anger and unhappiness. He did not claim to be "the answer" and people critisizing him for not being that answer are being unfair. What worries me is who it is who will articulate the answer to …
  • Jack Calnan
    What do the English think of Russell Brand?
    Opinions are certainly split. He's obviously a clever guy, but he's not a genius -- people like to think he is because he uses long words. I'm unsure about his anti-politics views, if you can call them views. The guy has said that he doesn't …
  • Vishwa Patel
    Vishwa Patel Android intern at Flipboard, KPCB Fellow 20147/23/2012
    What do women find attractive about Russell Brand?
    He's actually an amazing person, rather down-to-earth for someone so famous. I bumped into him on my flight back home and as I got into the flight I saw that he was standing aside to let other passengers go ahead through the aisle. …
  • Aurora Clawson
    Aurora Clawson Not all who wander are lost.11/10/2013
    How does Russell Brand know all those words?
    That's hard to say. Some have a 'wordsmith gene'. Words flow into their minds like concepts to an artist, like notes to a composer who receives his inspiration for a symphony from some heavenly muse as a whole concept. I have …
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