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Quora: Questions on Sonia Gandhi

  • Karthik Kumar
    Why should people hate Sonia Gandhi so much?
    I don't hate Sonia Gandhi. I have neither met her, nor do I know her in any of her personal contexts to form a strong emotion such as hate or love for her. But I do hate the what the monster that the Congress Party has created, and, of which …
  • Phanindra Reddy
    Phanindra Reddy Recovering addict8/4/2012
    Who are the advisors Sonia Gandhi actually trusts?
    Ahmed Patel comes first in the list of her trusted advisers. He is a Rajya Sabha member and her political secretary. Political observers say that anything has to go through Ahmed Patel before reaching madam. By the time it reaches Sonia
  • Blaise M Crowly
    Blaise M Crowly Hacker | Libertarian Anarchist | Freethinker | Entrepreneur | Idealist |Critic | Activist | Blogger 4/23/2013
    Which country is Sonia Gandhi a citizen of?
    Sonia Gandhi acquired Indian Citizenship in April 1983 and surrendered her Italian passport to the Italian Embassy on 27 April 1983. Italian nationality law did not permit dual nationality until 1992. So, by acquiring Indian citizenship in …
  • Arun Purohit
    Arun Purohit Co Founder and CEO , Sports(Squash,Chess, Wii), Musician (Guitar), Expressionist(Quora, Wordpress, twitter ), Tech enthusiast( 3D,Maps, Social)11/3/2012
    What's Sonia Gandhi's disease?
    Its hard to find out because the information is and will not be made available in Public domain. However there can be some circumstantial guesses . 1. It may not be any standard disease because, as on date * There is no disease for …
  • Yashas Bharadwaj
    Yashas Bharadwaj Circled Sun 25 times !!7/4/2013
    What do Indians think about Sonia Gandhi?
    Sonia Gandhi - born in Italy, daughter of a mason, a roman catholic, a waitress in a Greek restaurant in London. She is the personification of "Gold digging". Met Rajiv Gandhi as he was a frequent visitor to the restaurant. Found …
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