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Quora: Questions on South Africa

  • Tawana Msebele
    Is South Africa safe for travelling by alone?
    Well I would say it is totally safe to travel alone in South Africa , I myself am a foreign citizen in South Africa , 1st South Africa has more than a million foreigners living and working there so there is a possibility that for a every …
  • Erik Brits
    Erik Brits Travel Journo in South Africa11/26/2013
    Reviews of: South Africa
    ★★★★★ Having been paid to tourist around the country for the last year, I suppose I might be biased, but after a fair bit of international travel my gut feel is that there are few places in the world that offer as much diversity within one set of …
  • Nikolay Piryankov
    Nikolay Piryankov Entrepreneur & Traveller. Love Diamonds & Jewellery5/27/2012
    Are diamonds cheaper in South Africa?
    This is a difficult question to answer because while diamonds are in many ways a commodity, like gold, they do not have one price that is reflected and maintained in all global markets. While South Africa was responsible for the huge …
  • Shaun O'Connell
    Shaun O'Connell Front-end Developer, Interaction Designer, Web Standards advocate11/3/2013
    Why are airfares in South Africa so expensive?
    To add to Jess Green's post, there are additional factors that might play a part: * Airline competition * Airport taxes * Servicing fees Airline Competition in SA Competition drives lower prices, but the competitive airline market in SA is very …
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