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Quora: Questions on Taylor Swift Swift~

  • Timothy McSwain
    Timothy McSwain Apple Developer and Freelance Photographer4/5/2014
    How is Taylor Swift controversial?
    I'll try not to let my "pro-Swift" bias affect this answer. Taylor Swift has a hard-to-maintain public image. The media is filled with news of insane publicity stunts pulled by people like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift
  • Cindy Lai
    Cindy Lai Eat, Tweet, Love10/23/2012
    Was Taylor Swift born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?
    Ok, I will play along and suspend my disbelief that this is not joke question. Prior to being A2A'd on this, I'd never read or heard any reference to this. After spending about 45 minutes [which I can never have back] reading through …
  • Nathaniel Guy
    Nathaniel Guy Graduate student at the University of Washington1/22/2014
    How did Taylor Swift first meet Conor Kennedy?
    Ethel Kennedy, Conor Kennedy's grandmother, explained this briefly in an interview back in 2012 at the Television Critics Association Press Tour. > "Rory went to a concert with her two little girls, and that's what started it all with Taylor." I …
  • Tanvi Jain
    Tanvi Jain (Deactivated) Invisible without the invisibility cloak.12/31/2012
    How many Taylor Swift songs are about breakups?
    Taylor Swift Album: Tim Mcgraw, Picture To Burn, Should've Said No , A Perfectly Good Heart, Fearless Album: White Horse, The Way I Loved You, You're Not Sorry, Forever And Always Speak Now album: Back To December, Dear …
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