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Quora: Questions on Taylor Swift

  • Cindy Lai
    Cindy Lai Eat, Tweet, Love10/23/2012
    Was Taylor Swift born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?
    Ok, I will play along and suspend my disbelief that this is not joke question. Prior to being A2A'd on this, I'd never read or heard any reference to this. After spending about 45 minutes [which I can never have back] reading through …
  • Aaron J Mund
    Aaron J Mund Jacob of all trades. Setting tile, to cooking, to analyzing a stock4/8/2013
    Is Taylor Swift a country artist?
    Not unless Lady Gaga is a country artist too. Taylor started as a country artist and was good, but then the label took her and turned her into a CD selling machine, at the cost of the music. I channel surf a lot on the radio. And I hear her …
  • Timothy McSwain
    Timothy McSwain Apple Developer and Freelance Photographer4/5/2014
    How is Taylor Swift controversial?
    I'll try not to let my "pro-Swift" bias affect this answer. Taylor Swift has a hard-to-maintain public image. The media is filled with news of insane publicity stunts pulled by people like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift
  • Alexandra Pell
    Alexandra Pell Enjoys Hypergraphia7/8/2013
    Is Taylor Swift a bad example for teenage girls?
    Taylor Swift as a singer, artist, woman? I don't know. Taylor Swift's lyrics? Absolutely. Almost every popular song of hers I can think of is about boyfriends. Some specific manifestations of the boyfriend theme: * I am stuck in my lonely …
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