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“Without a doubt, it's one of Microsoft's finest achievements.” —    “This is the sort of neat app that every smartphone platform likes to have...”—
“Perhaps Bing's most impressive feature is its offline support.” —    “It's mind-blowingly awesome.”   —


With the camera mode, just point your camera towards what you want to translate, and see the translation instantly! No need to take a photo of that sign on the wall and wait - instant, real-time augmented reality translation at your fingertips.


Copy-paste or type to get a quick translation. Tap the speaker icon to hear it spoken.

Supports translation between 35+ languages and endless applications for business and travel scenarios.


Want to order that interesting looking dish on the menu? Tell your waiter what you want by simply speaking into the phone, and hear the translated words in a native speaker's accent.

Translate Offline

By downloading highly optimized "language packs" you can take a miniature version of our powerful machine translation engine with you - even when not connected to the internet!*


Save on expensive overseas data plans and be confident even in the most remote locations.


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*Speech translation feature requires internet connection.

Optimized for Windows Phone

Learn with Live Tiles

Take advantage of the Live Tile - pin the app to your home screen and discover a different word every day in your language of choice!

Pin to Start for fast access

Personalize your translation experience by pinning your preferred mode (speech, camera or voice) to the home screen. Next time just tap that tile and you jump right into that mode.