TimeForecastFeels likeWindHumidityPrecip. chanceUV
4:00 PMBlowing Snow-10°
Blowing Snow
-18°26 kmph N92%90%0
5:00 PMBlowing Snow-11°
Blowing Snow
-20°23 kmph N90%40%0
6:00 PMBlowing Snow-12°
Blowing Snow
-21°23 kmph N95%40%0
7:00 PMBlowing Snow-13°
Blowing Snow
-22°23 kmph N96%40%0
8:00 PMBlowing Snow-13°
Blowing Snow
-23°23 kmph N95%40%0
9:00 PMBlowing Snow-14°
Blowing Snow
-24°23 kmph N93%40%0
10:00 PMBlowing Snow-15°
Blowing Snow
-25°23 kmph N92%40%0
11:00 PMSnow-17°
-27°20 kmph N94%20%0
Monday, December 29, 2014
12:00 AMSnow-18°
-28°20 kmph N95%20%0
1:00 AMSnow-18°
-28°20 kmph N94%20%0
2:00 AMSnow-19°
-29°17 kmph N96%20%0
3:00 AMSnow-19°
-28°17 kmph N93%20%0
4:00 AMSnow-19°
-28°17 kmph N88%20%0
5:00 AMMostly Cloudy-19°
Mostly Cloudy
-27°13 kmph N90%0%0
6:00 AMMostly Cloudy-20°
Mostly Cloudy
-28°13 kmph N95%0%0
7:00 AMMostly Cloudy-21°
Mostly Cloudy
-29°13 kmph N95%0%0
8:00 AMMostly Cloudy-21°
Mostly Cloudy
-30°13 kmph N96%0%0
9:00 AMMostly Cloudy-22°
Mostly Cloudy
-30°13 kmph N94%0%0
10:00 AMMostly Cloudy-22°
Mostly Cloudy
-30°13 kmph N94%0%0
11:00 AMMostly Cloudy-22°
Mostly Cloudy
-30°13 kmph N93%0%1
12:00 PMMostly Cloudy-22°
Mostly Cloudy
-31°13 kmph N90%0%1
1:00 PMMostly Cloudy-23°
Mostly Cloudy
-32°13 kmph N85%0%1
2:00 PMMostly Cloudy-24°
Mostly Cloudy
-35°17 kmph N86%0%1
3:00 PMMostly Cloudy-25°
Mostly Cloudy
-36°17 kmph N86%0%0
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