Translator Widget
Translator Widget

The Translator web page widget allows you to bring real-time, in-place translation to your web site. Users can see your pages in their own language without having to go to a separate translation web site. You can learn more about how to use the widget, get help or interact with other website owners on the Translator forums.

The Translator web page widget allows you to bring real-time, in-place translation to your web site.
Try the Widget
This is an example of the text on your webpage. Click on the Translate button to see what your site’s visitors will see! Remember, the widget will show in the language of the visitor’s browser.
Simply copy the code below and place it into your HTML. *
*By copying this code, you agree to Microsoft Translator’s Terms of Use


Tip: You can also build your own ‘Translate’ button, see the full documentation here.
  • Translation Settings
  • Pick a Color
  • Enable Community Translations

Website Language

This is the language that your website is in

When to Translate

You can change this at anytime through the 'settings' attribute in the code snippet. Possible values are: 'Auto' and 'Manual'.
You can choose a custom font color by changing the 'color' attribute in the code snippet. You can also change the background color through the 'background-color' attribute.

Allow visitors to suggest translations

The translations submitted by a visitor become available to other visitors as alternatives. By default, these alternatives will never replace the default translation. This can be changed below.

Manage Community Translations

By turning this on, you can approve/reject translations, and invite others. You can also launch the webmaster translation dashboard, from where you can invite friends or translators or moderate the translations in bulk.

In order to enable this, you will need to personalize the widget snippet by following these simple steps:

Step 1 Enter your site’s URL
Step 2 Sign in with the Microsoft Account you wish to use as the Site Webmaster
Step 3 Associate the site with a Translator service subscription (you can get it free if you don’t have one already).
Copy the code above. You may now manage the translations on your page after signing in!

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