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Into the woods
© Karel Bock/Shutterstock
Catching a glimpse of a deer makes the world go suddenly quiet. One clumsy move, even a gasp, could send these two white-tailed deer, with a flash of their namesake tails, deeper into the woods. But if you live between southern Canada and South America, chances are good you'll get another opportunity to see these native deer. They live throughout the United States, save for parts of the Far West, and thrive in a variety of habitats—forests, grasslands, even city suburbs. This doe and fawn were photographed in Wisconsin, a state that picked this locally abundant and economically important ruminant as its state wildlife animal back in 1957. So, why isn't Wisconsin called the 'White-Tailed Deer State'? Take the quiz to find out.
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Quick fact:
White-tailed deer are cautious creatures, only occasionally moving about in daylight. They're mainly crepuscular, most active at dawn and dusk.
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