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    The Facts That Matter About Christmas--Christ And Mass.htmlChristmas And God’s Inspired Word. Do YOU Live By God's InspiredWord Or Live By Man Made Traditional Doctrines And Celebrations. Where In The Holy Scriptures (The Bible) Is Christmas. No Where.

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    The complete Bible : an American translation / the Old Testament translated by J. M. Powis Smith and a group of scholars; the Apocrypha and the New Testament translated by Edgar J. Goodspeed. Imprint: Chicago : University of Chicago Press , [c1939]

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    W hat D oes— Simple Bible Truths. Have That Other Bible Websites Do Not Have. O pen 3 Main Point Plus. T he Best Bibles Including Non-Trinitarian Based Bibles . J ohn-1-1-Page and GODorgod . Categories- Plus The Videos. And Movies in The O pen Movie Pages for listings. Videos selected have the best M yths blended into Christianity

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    (70-John-1-1-Truths). htm and have even killed Non- Trinitarians for not believing in the Trin d irty The new word for The Trinity. What Is The Holy Spirit. Simple Answer Is God. At Work ... Simple Bible Teachings-- Compare All ...

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    THE NEW SIMPLIFIED BIBLE IS COMPLETELY INDEPENDANT OF ANY BIBLE PUBLISHING SOCIETY OR RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION. Return to the new The Expository Library index HomePage Open www.simplebibletruths.net. Or View The Old (Open) HomePage.html. It has been updated For YOU on 5-20-2018 .

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    · What is the Bible About? · Bible Study Resources · The Ten Commandments Ministry · Net Vouz · Septuagint Online · Septuagint Ten Commandments · Search for Bible Truths · Christ Centered Web · Rockhay’s Place · Bible Mega Site · Bible Readers Museum · JWs and Scripture · Sons of the Kingdom · The Lord's Page ·

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    ABP_Strongs - Apostolic Bible Polyglot English Text with Strong's numbers · ABP_GRK - Apostolic Bible Polyglot Greek Text with Strong's numbers

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    It’s That Simple- but some like to make a. big deal of it to discredit some Best-Bibles ... We do not consider this view a “theory,” rather, a presentation of the facts of history as to the transmission of Bible manuscripts. RESTORING THE DIVINE NAME.

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    T/O Bible[BB] Based Bible P ublishers with their T ranslators help whose print words in Bibles that makes Jesus appear to be God When YOU use YOUR imagination. Details R/in [ Imply].

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    What About John 1:1 O pen 70-John-1-1-Truths.htm Other Bible Errors R/in Bible Words Changed The Three Worst Mistakes in all Bibles Are.