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  1. Waterfall Lukov slap - hike.uno


    Description of waterfall: Waterfall Lukov slap is located on a quite water rich stream, which is right tributary of river Mislinja. Waterfall is located southeast from a former shepherd village Zgornja Komisija.

  2. The Parabola waterfall - hike.uno


    Description of waterfall: Waterfall Parabola, which is 48m high and is the most known waterfall on the stream Fratarica. Fratarica is a stream with biggest altitude difference in Slovenia. Below the waterfall was formed a small lake.

  3. Dobršnik waterfalls


    Description of waterfall: In a lonely wild gully, which is ascending above Hrušica towards Karawanks, runs the stream Dobršnik, which is here hiding seven waterfalls, numerous gorges and pools, by which we find petrified treasures of ancient seas.

  4. Orlovo gnezdo (Rinka waterfall) - hiking trail


    Waterfall Rinka is the most visited waterfall into a valley Savinjska dolina. High is 78m and is falling over a vertical wall. The most water-rich is in spring and in heavy rainfall. Only few meters before the waterfall is situated smaller mountain hut named Orlovo gnezdo (Eagle's Nest) from which there is a nice view towards the waterfall.

  5. Beri waterfall - hike.uno


    Description of waterfall: Stream Godiča is the first left tributary of Soča after the tributary of river Tolminka. It gets the water from beneath Tolminski Triglav. Even though the access is relatively easy, the area of waterfall Veliki Beri is quite wild.

  6. Mostnice waterfall - hiking trail


    Description of waterfall: Mostnica Waterfall, named also waterfall Voje, is with 20 meters the highest waterfall of waterfalls on stream Mostnica. Immediately below the mentioned waterfall there is also a smaller waterfall Konjski rep, higher there are two more waterfalls and some rapids and pools.

  7. Zaročenca waterfall - hiking trail


    Waterfall Zaročenca is located between border crossing Predel and turn-off of the road for saddle Mangartsko sedlo in canyon of Predelice. Here joins also stream Mangartski potok. We can start the hike from the village Strmec (980 meters) on an asphalt road, where after 600 meters we turn left in the forest - path is marked.

  8. Šum waterfall in Vintgar Gorge - hiking trail


    Description of waterfall: On the east edge of Triglav national park, 4 km northwest from the center of Bled, by the end of scenic gorge of the mountain river Radovna, named Bled Gorge, is located biggest Slovenian river waterfall with a name Šum. Waterfall boasts with strong flow and with its 16 meters fall.

  9. The Small Kozjak waterfall - hike.uno


    The Large Kozjak waterfall (250m), Tonovc Castle at Kobarid (500m) Webcams in radius of 2 3 5 7 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 50 60 km: Bovec , Bovec airport , Dreka / Drenchia , Javoršček , Kobarid , Koča na planini Kuhinja , Matajur , Polovnik , Prevala , Robič , Rogelj , Rombon , Stol (Kobariški) , Svinjak , Tolmin , Učja , Veliki Babanski ...

  10. Poljubinj - Beri waterfall


    Detailed description of hiking trail Poljubinj - Beri waterfall. It contains a lot of pictures and other information about the tour.