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  1. Sella di Punta Nera - hike.uno

    https://www.hike.uno/mountain/sella_di_punta_nera/39/2054Traduci questa pagina

    Sella di Punta Nera is a saddle, which is situated on the south side of the peak Punta Nera. From the saddle is a very nice view towards the mountain group Cristallo and on peaks in the mountain group Sorapiss. In the mountain group Sorapiss on most of peaks doesn't lead a marked path, so the saddle Sella di Punta Nera is one of more ...

  2. Cima Pisciadu - hike.uno

    https://www.hike.uno/mountain/cima_pisciadu/39/2034Traduci questa pagina

    Cima Pisciadu or Pisciadu Spitze is 2985 meters high peak in the mountain group Sella. The mountain is located in northern part of the group above the mountain hut Rifugio Pisciadu. From the top that has a cross and a smaller weather station is a very nice view of a larger part of the mountain group Sella, we can also clearly see a mountain ...

  3. Sassopiatto / Plattkofel

    https://www.hike.uno/mountain/sassopiatto___plattkofel/39/2039Traduci questa pagina

    Description of mountain: Sassopiatto / Plattkofel is 2969 meters high mountain in mountain group Sassolungo. From the top, there is a very nice view towards the entire mountain group, especially neighbouring the highest peak Sassolungo stands out.

  4. Dolomites


    Mountain range Dolomites with list of mountains. Detailed information about mountains and hiking tours in Dolomites.

  5. Webcam Rifugio Gilberti

    https://www.hike.uno/webcam/rifugio_gilberti/4020Traduci questa pagina

    1. Rifugio Gilberti is a mountain hut near the ski slope Kanin - Sella Nevea. Webcam is situated at the upper chairlift station Seggiovia Gilberti on the Italian side of Kanin at an altitude 1830 meters. On the picture we can clearly see the mentioned mountain hut and numerous surrounding peaks.

  6. Rifugio Boe

    https://www.hike.uno/mountain/rifugio_boe/39/2035Traduci questa pagina

    Mountain hut Rifugio Boe is situated in the mountain group Sella below the slopes of highest peak Piz Boe. The mountain hut is mainly because of the proximity of the cable car and consequently relatively short access very well visited. The mountain hut was the first time built already in the year 1898.

  7. Webcam Kanin - hike.uno

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    1. Webcam on the Italian side of Kanin. Nevejski preval - Na Žlebeh (V Žlebeh) / Sella Nevea 1190 meters.

  8. Monte Cregnedul - hike.uno

    https://www.hike.uno/mountain/monte_cregnedul/1/1634Traduci questa pagina

    Vrh Krnega dola is neighbor of Špica v Planji. Tame, but panoramic peak is situated above very ample grassy slopes above the saddle V Žlebeh / Sella Nevea. On the notch 30 meters below the summit brings us ferrata Ceria-Merlone, accessible is also from the south on …

  9. Jôf di Montasio/Montaž

    https://www.hike.uno/mountain/jof_di_montasio_montaz/1/629Traduci questa pagina

    Detailed description of mountain Jôf di Montasio/Montaž and all trails on Jôf di Montasio/Montaž. Montaž is one of the mightiest and with its 2753 meters the second-highest mount.

  10. Webcam Prevala - hike.uno

    https://www.hike.uno/webcam/prevala/1361Traduci questa pagina

    Webcam Prevala. Live picture from ski resort webcam Prevala.