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© Neil Losin/Tandem Stills + Motion
This bright-eyed, burrowing owl is emerging from its burrow just in time to enjoy the sunset here in Northern California, USA. And yes, you read that right; unlike most owls, burrowing owls nest and roost underground, often in tunnels abandoned by ground squirrels or prairie dogs. It’s one of many traits that make the pint-sized species unique among owls. Burrowing owls live in grasslands, deserts, or other open dry areas with low vegetation. When threatened, they retreat to their burrows and are known to try and frighten off predators by mimicking the rattling and hissing sounds of a rattlesnake. And while most other owls sleep during the daytime, burrowing owls are often active in the daylight hours. It’s as if they didn’t finish proper owl training.
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Quick fact:
American cowboys sometimes called these owls 'howdy birds,' because they seemed to nod in greeting as they stuck their heads out from the entrances to their burrows.
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