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Does this chameleon look a little insecure?
© SnapRapid/Offset by Shutterstock
If it appears to be slinking away from the camera, maybe this chameleon is all too aware of the way some of us humanfolk see reptiles: as frightening at best, disgusting at worst. We know you die-hard reptile lovers are out there too, but it's undeniable that reptiles' reputation among people has suffered thanks to popular villainous depictions—from 'Anaconda' and 'Godzilla' to the serpent encountered by Adam and Eve. Even our everyday language throws shade on this vast class of critters: When's the last time you called someone 'reptile' and meant it nicely?
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Quick fact:
Each eye of a chameleon can rotate and focus independently, so the lizard can see two different objects at the same time. This gives it a full 360-degree field of vision.
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