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Deep in the North Woods wetlands
© Aaron Black-Schmidt/Tandem Stills + Motion
To celebrate American Wetlands Month, we're flying over Norcross Brook, which snakes through the wetlands of Maine's North Woods near Moosehead Lake. Wetlands like these are an often underappreciated natural resource. They act as vital links between the land and our planet's watersheds, playing a crucial role in protecting healthy ecosystems. In addition to providing indispensable habitat for the many species that call them home, wetlands filter our drinking water and cycle nutrients. They also provide a natural buffer from storms, absorb flood waters, and capture carbon from the atmosphere—all of which help to mitigate the impact of climate change.
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Quick fact:
Wetlands are often referred to as 'Earth's kidneys' because they filter pollutants from the water that flows through them.
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