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  1. Hession Lippard - kinja.com


    Hession Lippard's posts on Kinja. Obtaining the Best Choosing a Profession. Hession Lippard

  2. Fear of Intimacy and Standing Up for Myself - Groupthink


    Fear of Intimacy and Standing Up for Myself. Natface: Career-Obsessed Banshee ... I have felt very safe and comfortable with him. We also just recently started sleeping together, which is a huge step for me. ... other. He apologized to me, said he’d been thinking about it too after we hung up, that he was mad at himself for not picking up on ...

  3. Storybreak Stars\');background-repeat:no-repeat;background ...


    secret Pieces Of Selecting An Occupation . Storybreak Stars\');background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position:center}.above-headline-image .video-embed__caption ...

  4. Advice re Work Stuff aka AITA? - groupthink.kinja.com


    I’m also planning to hit up Ask A Manager (which I learned about from GT!) but I guess this is my rough draft/prerequisite so that I can best phrase my inquiry to her by learning what people here think. And also so I can get everything down to organize my thoughts. Background on me - I am 38 and am a lawyer. I have been a lawyer since I was 26.

    • Author: Arganbomb
    • Brazil Of Games: Top Gear, The Game That ... - tay.kinja.com


      Ever since their advent, there has always been that one video game that embodied a generation. Those games share a few characteristics, like creating or revolutionizing a genre, completely changing their respective franchises or just being so good, they’re considered timeless classics worthy of preservation. In Brazil exists a game that defies all of those expectations: it’s not exactly a ...

    • Lifehacker transform 1 - kalmiburn31.kinja.com


      I recently quit my job to take a two year break. Whenever I mention this to someone, the most common response is a variation of "I wish I could do that." Most people believe they can't, and I used to believe I …

      • Author: Kalmiburn31
      • dcf.ks.gov link analysis - Which links point to dcf.ks.gov?


        91,517 links point to dcf.ks.gov. These links are from 5,587 different websites.

      • Peer Review: The History of How Science is Made


        This is the first of a multi-part series on Peer Review. We’re starting right at the beginning, delving into its very origins, and finding out how it came to truly dominate the scientific discourse.

        • Author: Faz.Alam
        • TheLOUDMUSIC- Put it in H! - Kinja.com


          TheLOUDMUSIC- Put it in H!'s posts on Kinja. According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly.

        • The Secret to Creating Content that Thrills an Audience


          The Secret to Creating Content that Thrills an Audience. Elena. ... Picking topics for your content is a result of knowing your audience, of course, but it is also a matter of finding out what topics interest them the most, when you are not certain. ... Upworthy, an online news/human interest enterprise has some of the best headlines in the ...

          • Author: Elena