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  1. Fear of Intimacy and Standing Up for Myself - Groupthink


    I have dealt with some of that in therapy, and I know where it comes from- a desire for control and this deep down feeling I had that I wasn’t good enough for love, that my needs didn’t matter, and I had to settle for whatever scraps I was thrown by men (and others, if I’m honest that also carried over into other relationships as well with friends etc).

    • Author: Natface: Career-Obsessed Banshee
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      secret Pieces Of Selecting An Occupation . Storybreak Stars\');background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position:center}.above-headline-image .video-embed__caption ...

    • Advice re Work Stuff aka AITA? - groupthink.kinja.com


      I’m also planning to hit up Ask A Manager (which I learned about from GT!) but I guess this is my rough draft/prerequisite so that I can best phrase my inquiry to her by learning what people here think. And also so I can get everything down to organize my thoughts. Background on me - I am 38 and am a lawyer. I have been a lawyer since I was 26.

      • Author: Arganbomb
      • Battle of the Big 3 2016 Fall Shooters


        The multiplayer is a blast in Titanfall 2, playing with friends or solo I don’t mind queuing up for matches.The most disheartening thing I’ve noticed with Titanfall 2 is the lack of players in matchmaking pools for the PS4. I’m not sure how it is faring on XB1 or PC but I can’t imagine it doing too much better.

        • Author: Frattyman
        • Did They Make It? - thestraw.kinja.com


          The most tantalizing asset in all of sports is youth. Youth allows - even encourages - people to idealize, to project, to dream of what someone can become. There's a quote in Moneyball about the potential held by a high school pitcher, but it could really apply to youth in any sport; "High school pitchers were so far away from being who they would be when they grew up that you could imagine ...

        • Lifehacker transform 1 - kalmiburn31.kinja.com


          I recently quit my job to take a two year break. Whenever I mention this to someone, the most common response is a variation of "I wish I could do that." Most people believe they can't, and I used to believe I …

          • Author: Kalmiburn31
          • 20Q: Barry White, Love's Main Messenger - Playboy


            Valentine's Day is here and few men put their imprint on love and sex more than Barry White. Back in April 2000, Playboy spoke with the singer, who died in 2004, about his rough upbringing, the dawn of disco and his career resurgence. Enjoy the interview in its entirety, and to read every article the magazine has ever published—from 1953 until today—visit the complete archive at iplayboy.com.

            • Author: Julie Bain
            • Master_Lock - kinja.com


              Master_Lock's discussions on Kinja. He’s the epitome of a “Miami Guy”. Master_Lock

            • TheLOUDMUSIC- Put it in H! - Kinja.com


              TheLOUDMUSIC- Put it in H!'s posts on Kinja. According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly.