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  1. Finding the Right Mediator - Present Your Case to LegalMatch

    Are you involved or in the middle of a legal dispute and you were advised to find a mediator to help you resolve it before going to court? Check this page for tips on finding the right mediator or let LegalMatch assist you in finding an experienced family lawyer first. Contact us for assistance now!

  2. Case Studies | Divorce and Separation Support

    The following case studies give brief examples of the kinds of personal situations people are in when they seek a solution through family mediation. Family mediation can provide practical help in resolving some or all of the issues and problems which result when couples separate – arrangements for property, finance and parenting arrangements:

  3. Preparing for Divorce Mediation | OurFamilyWizard

    At the end of the day, hopefully, you’ve had a successful and peaceful family interaction. Divorce mediation should be approached in the same way. You should talk to your attorney beforehand about the range of options you have in trying to settle your case.

  4. Cost Benefits of Family Mediation | LegalMatch

    But if cost is a hurdle for your family legal dispute, then remember that being friendly and minimizing the conflict is the best way to keep costs down. If you and your family member can work together to solve a common goal, then the cost of family mediation can be minimal and …

  5. 8 Signs You Should Skip Mediation and Head Straight for ...

    For some couples, separating via mediation rather than litigated divorce has its appeal: Many people don’t want to cast their former spouses in the role of enemy, and mediation is a cheaper ...

  6. Divorce Mediation FAQ - Family Law - FindLaw

    Learn more about divorce, mediation, and family law at FindLaw.com. ... It's a good idea to discuss your case with a divorce attorney if you have questions about divorce mediation, or you just want some guidance through the divorce process. Next Steps. Contact a qualified divorce attorney to make sure your rights are protected.

  7. Will Divorce Mediation Work for You? | Nolo

    Will Divorce Mediation Work for Me? For some couples, working with your spouse and a mediator might be just what you need to obtain a divorce with as little conflict as possible. But, mediation will only work if you and your spouse are on the same page.

  8. Property Division in Divorce: Wasting Assets | Lawyers.com

    What Constitutes Wasting Assets? Either spouse’s waste of assets can happen during a marriage or in the course of divorce. It’s expected that spouses need to buy clothing, make down payments on items like cars or homes and buy gifts for family and friends.

  9. Mediation vs. Collaboration: Factors to Consider in ...

    • If you need the guidance of an attorney looking out for your interests every step of the way, you might find collaborative divorce a better option. For example, your case might involve some complicated legal or financial issues that you don’t feel competent to negotiate. Or you may just be more comfortable with the idea of having a professional to confer with at every turn. In collaborative divorce, the two attorneys guide every aspect of the case, so this approach would address your need for...
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    • Author: Emily Doskow, Attorney
    • How To Get Custody After Divorce | Kevin J. Chroman, Esq ...

      Jan 29, 2018 · Figuring out how to get custody of your kids can be tricky, but divorce attorney Kevin Chroman explains how to do it — without letting it negatively affect your children.