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  1. List of countries by population in 1700 - Wikipedia


    This is a list of countries by population in 1700.Estimate numbers are from the beginning of the year and exact population figures are for countries that held a census on various dates in the 1700s.

  2. List of largest cities throughout history - Wikipedia


    The following is a table of the most populous cities or urban areas by estimated population in history according to three sources. City names are in bold where all three sources agree. The table does not contain data for cities under Indus Valley civilization for time period 5000 BC to 1000 BC.

  3. The Population Explosion in 1700s America - dummies


    If there was one inarguable fact about the American colonies in the mid- to late 18th century, it was that they were growing like crazy. In 1730, the population of the 13 colonies was about 655,000. Boston was the biggest city, with a population of about 13,000, while New York and Philadelphia were home to […]

  4. Ostriv | Ep. 1 | Building New Cities in the 1700s | Ostriv ...


    May 08, 2019 · Ostriv | Ep. 1 | Building New Cities in the 1700s | Ostriv Sandbox City Builder Tycoon Gameplay Raptor. ... BREATHING 18th CENTURY CITY! New Awesome City Builder - Ostriv Alpha Gameplay ...

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  5. New York City - HISTORY


    Jan 11, 2010 · New York City in the 19th Century . The city recovered quickly from the war, and by 1810 it was one of the nation’s most important ports. It played a particularly significant role in the cotton ...



    estimated population of american colonies: 1610 to 1780 : pp. 1168 : hs/us vol.2 : colony: 1780: 1770: 1760: 1750

  7. List of cities and towns in the United States | Britannica.com


    List of cities and towns in the United States: This is a list of selected cities, towns, and other populated places in the United States, ordered alphabetically by state. (See also city and urban

  8. The rise of cities in the 18th century - The British Library


    Oct 14, 2009 · Cities expanded rapidly in 18th century Britain, with people flocking to them for work. Matthew White explores the impact on street life and living conditions in London and the expanding industrial cities of the North. Life in the 18th-century city would have provoked a dazzling mixture of ...

  9. What Were the Jobs in the 1700s? | Reference.com


    The most prevalent jobs in the 1700s were in agriculture and farming. In addition, there were many skilled craftsmen and artisans, which included candlemakers, gunsmiths, brickmakers, blacksmiths, cobblers and hatters. These jobs arose out of a growing demand for household goods.

  10. City of Philadelphia


    Official website of the City of Philadelphia, includes information on municipal services, permits, licenses, and records for citizens and businesses.