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    Where are Insta heat presses made?
    Insta is recognized globally for providing an extensive portfolio of heat press and transfer products to meet customers’ needs. Insta manufactures its transfers and many of its machines here in the USA, so it is uniquely positioned to support brands and manufacturers in the Americas region.
    Who is Insta Graphic Systems?
    For over 60 years, Insta Graphic Systems has led the development of technology and durable products in the heat press and transfer markets. Insta’s innovation has driven performance and efficiency in heat press machines and resulted in a broader range of heat transfer solutions and products.
    What happens when Insta heat press transfer machines stop working?
    INSTA heat press transfer machines have a quick recovery from one application to the next, so operators are not waiting for machines to re-heat before applying for the next heat transfer. When machines stop working, your production stops, and customer delivery commitments can be in jeopardy.
    What are the benefits of using Insta heat presses?
    INSTA heat presses are the most durable, hard-core machines on the market. Standout Reputation. When INSTA heat presses and custom heat transfers are used in tandem, transfers stay in place and look great wash after wash, maintaining both your reputation and your customer’s reputation and loyalty.

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