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  2. Robai Kuacang – SMC E-Learning Management System


    Name: Robai Kuacang. Location: Indonesia. Bio: Facts, Fiction and Domino Initiative. Lies You’ve Been Told About Domino Initiative If Domino’s is ready to aid your organization, we’ll notify you within a couple of weeks of your request.

  3. Paul Ortiz – SMC E-Learning Management System


    Name: Paul Ortiz. Location: USA. Bio: Technical Squad provides IT Pros with insight on the latest and most important issues in information technology through various IT blogs. Get the latest opinions on IT from leading industry figures on key topics such as security, risk, and cybersecurity, etc.

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    Name: Aaron Stone. Location: USA. Bio: I am a professional truck driver who work long hours and have racked up thousands of miles but on top of that I absolutely love my job.

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