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  1. Gästebuch


    Heute ist die Sonderanfertigung unseres Hundebettes angekommen. Passt wie angegeben und sieht schick aus. Es wurde sofort angenommen.Tausend Dank für die schnelle Anfertigung.

  2. FUTURE FOSSILS | Podbay


    We live in an age of increasingly lively, intelligent, and responsive technologies, and have a lot of adjusting to do. This week’s guest is one of the major inspirations animating Future Fossils Podcast: Kevin Kelly, co-founder of the WELL, Senior Maverick at WIRED, author of numerous books that profoundly shaped my thinking about our coevolution with technology.

  3. FUTURE FOSSILS - feed.pippa.io


    This week Future Fossils gets even weirder with guests Phil Ford and JF Martel, cohosts of the Weird Studies podcast. Weird Studies is one of my favorite shows, hands down. Phil and JF’s marvelous threading together of the joyful and the bleak, the transcendent and the hangdog, the gems of literature and the tentacles of the ineffable real, is a sorely needed tightrope walk in an era ...

  4. May 2019 – lottery - soadamant.com


    Congratulations to the New Orleans Pelicans for winning the lottery and the right to draft Zion Williamson. We care about you a great deal, and you are super interesting, and we have many thoughts on your future, and we most definitely appreciate the mega, chaos-inducing leap you made.

  5. Seo-Smo Brand Race


    If one of your top traffic keywords in an ad group is getting a significantly lower CTR than the rest, move it to its own ad group and write an ad with that keyword in the headline (and perhaps in the URL).<br /><br />Build ad groups with enough traffic to split-test in a timely fashion.