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  1. May 2002 - USAGDFA


    Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, May 2, 2002; Page E01 Faced with a plunge in tax receipts, the Bush administration will run out of ways to maneuver around the federal debt ceiling and could default on payments to bondholders on June 28, sooner than previously expected, a …

  2. doi.acm.org


    The incremental problem for a class Q of graph queries aims to compute, given a query Q in 'Q, graph G, output Q(G) and updates Δ G to G as input, changes Δ O to Q(G) such that

    • Cited by: 15
    • Publish Year: 2017
    • Author: Wenfei Fan, Chunming Hu, Chao Tian
  3. Hanala Sagal's Traumedy Central


    Why don’t they do that at home? Because at home they run the risk of being interrupted, invalidated, accused unfairly, dismissed impatiently, or worse—they could hear something that will validate their already low opinion of themselves. Who wants that? Practically nobody.