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  1. 5 Health Benefits of Martial Art - blog.ideafit.com


    Learn about top 5 health benefits of martial art.Optimize Your Cardiovascular Health Excess plaque and high in cholesterol level can cause cardiac disorders.Blood vessels are blocked due to the abnormal growth of plaques/free radicals.The artery walls are found being clogged with hardened thickened plaques.Over 60000people suffer from heart diseases.

  2. Jiu-Jitsu For Fitness - blog.ideafit.com


    Jan 27, 2019 · The techniques in Jiu-Jitsu are very practical and can be applied on the street in a self-defense situation. This is one reason we believe that Jiu-Jitsu for fitness is so great, you get the health benefits of an intense workout while learning techniques that can be applied in the heat of the moment.

  3. The 5 Best Martial Arts for Fitness | Bare Performance ...

    • Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing, is a combat system developed in Thailand most notable for its heavy emphasis on stand-up strikes as well as clinching. Muay Thai is known as the “art of eight limbs,” due to its use of strikes involving the fists, elbows, knees, and shins. The training in the art involves the conditioning of these parts to make a contact fighter incredibly efficient. Muay Thai first rose to international prominence in the twentieth century, when practitioners began to bes...
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    • 4 Compelling Reasons to Try Tai Chi | Fitness | MyFitnessPal


      Dec 07, 2018 · The slow, flowing movements that make up a tai chi practice might not burn a lot of calories — research found practicing the ancient art for 45 minutes five times per week led to a mere 1 pound weight loss over 12 weeks — but there are other reasons make tai chi a regular part of your exercise routine. Tai chi, or t’ai chi ch’üan or taijiquan, is a Chinese martial art that combines ...

    • 10 Reasons Martial Arts Benefits Kids | Blog | Kenney Myers


      10 Reasons Martial Arts Benefits Kids In a culture that seems to glorify violence in everything from music to video games and television shows, the idea of enrolling your child in martial arts training classes doesn’t always seem like a good one.

    • Self-defense: The Five Most Effective Martial Arts ...


      This martial art originates from Israel, where it is taught in the army and Mossad (Israel’s national intelligence service), and many believe that it is the most effective way of defending yourself against an attacker. The name “Krav Maga” comes from a Hebrew phrase meaning “contact combat.”

    • What are the benefits of doing supersets in a routine?


      Benefits: It saves a lot of time because you are cutting out much of the rest period between sets in the case of opposing muscle group. In the case of the same muscle group you give that muscle group a fierce stimulus. In this way you overload the muscle and it produces the positive training adaptation of hypertrophy also known as muscle growth.

    • blog.centurymartialarts.com - The Centurion


      The Centurion is Century Martial Arts’ blog, dedicated to weekly martial arts news, interest pieces, martial arts training advice, product recommendations, and fitness news and tips. You’ll find interviews with martial arts celebrities, fun stories, trivia and more!

    • Top 25 Tai Chi Blogs And Websites To Follow in 2019


      Jul 16, 2019 · About Blog Dr Paul Lam, a family physician and tai chi expert, has created the Tai Chi for Health programs with his team of experts. Tai Chi Productions is dedicated to providing quality instructional DVDs, books, CDs and other material, which are extremely learner friendly.

    • Mental Illness and Martial Arts: An Interesting Therapy ...


      May 18, 2015 · Martial arts and mental illness are an excellent therapeutic combination. The martial arts can help with mental illness symptoms by redirecting aggression, teaching confidence, and helping an individual set boundaries and sticking to them. Mental illness and martial arts are an interesting therapy ...