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  1. Articles: Something New - Different Kinds of Dog Biscuits


    Something New - Different Kinds of Dog Biscuits ... Next time you want to give your pooch something extra-special, consider a gourmet cookie bouquet made just for pups! It can't be denied that dogs are an important and valued part of our lives. We love them, and for good reason- they're family! Make sure to show your dogs you care with high ...

  2. Favorite/Best Puppy/Dog Treats/Food? | Yahoo Answers


    Mar 11, 2010 · Wow, Lots of slashes in the questions part, huh? Hahaa. Moving on to the question.. I just got a puppy (9 months old.) and I've had her for about a month. She's my first puppy so of course I'm spoiling her. Before when we first got her we bought puppy chow for her and as a treat we gave her MilkBones. She loved the MilkBones because it was different from her normal, usual dog food.

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    • What are the Different Types of Rocks? (with pictures)


      May 14, 2019 · There are three types of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary, in order of abundance. Within these classifications are many hundreds of types. The first two are formed under conditions of extreme heat and pressure. Scientists now know enough about rocks to produce some artificially — for example ruby and diamond.

    • Flavors: Ideas for Ultra High Value Treats ...


      Jan 06, 2015 · But these types of foods have something in common, and that is that most consist of one basic flavor. ... In the training community, this quote may have originated in a tracking book in 2010. ... My dogs are allergic to every interesting thing there is really. I bought them dog treats once that were like mini cakes (before we got the dog that ...

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      • 5 Fun Facts about United's Holiday Operations - United Hub


        Dec 13, 2018 · Named for the shad fisheries that once lined the Delaware River, this working-class Irish, German, and Polish neighborhood has drawn creative types for years. New restaurants and lodging options may be raising Fishtown's profile, but it's still a tight-knit community—as evinced by these six locals, who showed us the area's hot spots.

      • Is Titanium Dioxide In Food Harmful? | Care2 Healthy Living


        Mar 22, 2013 · Titanium dioxide is used by the millions of tons as a whitening or brightening pigment to make white-colored paint, but also as an additive to make white-colored food. It’s added to food so much so that people eating conventional diets may be ingesting a trillion particles of titanium dioxide every day. Who cares, though?