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  1. Pocket


    When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket.

  2. Pocket: Your Browser


    When browsing the web, simply push this button in your Bookmarks Bar to add pages to your Pocket list.

  3. Getting Started With the Pocket Developer API


    Dec 21, 2014 · Getting Started With the Pocket Developer API. Programming, API, Web Development. Dec 21, 2014. Updated 2016-03-31 to use the Pocket HTTPS API. I want to automatically extract the video from my Pocketed content and sync it to my phone.To do …

  4. ruby on rails - Pocket API Authorization: Forbidden ...


    Dec 28, 2014 · I can confirm that you are indeed missing HTTP headers, which will cause the Pocket server to reject the post request you're trying to send. There are a few ways in which headers can be communicated: sometimes they are communicated through the codes/tokens associated with the server request (which here appears not to be the case).

  5. getpocket-api – Into the Wild - spidergears.wordpress.com


    Mar 27, 2015 · the file contains the code for making XMLHttpRequests to Pocket api. On page load e.i. when the pop-up has been initialised we call our first function import_chrome_bookmarks. This function invokes other functions in a chain in order to complete all the six steps mentioned above and hence successfully upload all our bookmarks to Pocket account.

  6. Pocket - Open original URLs - Code source - greasyfork.org


    // ==UserScript== // @name Pocket - Open original URLs // @description Opens original links instead of article view // @author Jorengarenar // @namespace https ...

  7. 5 Beauty Indulgences For That Working Girl - bloggomio.com


    Jun 11, 2019 · Description. Since up your eyes are already taken to a step above, you should tone it down for the rest of your meet. To finish off you should use a lightweight bronzer, light blush, and a real toned down gloss inside your juicy mouth.