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  1. 20 Exciting Homophones images | Teaching ideas, Teaching ...


    This picture provides a large amount of metaphor examples to help further allow for more comparisons and add clarification to the meaning. The drawings show the literal meaning, m

  2. 25 Delightful Grammar images | Grammar, Learn english ...


    Punctuation is an extremely important part of the English language and is a useful skill that should be carried on after high school. Letting your kids know what the value of punctuation is and how to use it correctly will help them out a lot.

  3. school advice masterpost | Tumblr

    https://www.tumblr.com/search/school advice masterpost

    hi honeys !! iā€™m back with another self care masterpost because we all know self care is probably my favorite thing in the world. anyways, these are just a few tips (that i actually came up with myself in my own bujo to help me stay productive and motivated) to help you get back into the swing of things as school starts up again :)

  4. i also got some questionable asks that i am šŸ‘€ at | Tumblr


    (It is nice to see an ask blog which is actually able to provide in character answers. You are truly able to portray manga Sebastian quite accurately. Mocking anons by mentioning how difficult and interesting human nature is, is also a great way to dodge difficult asks haha. Keep it up, I'm looking ...