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    It can be a real horror story waking up in another world. Panic, loss of direction, knowing a crime had happened and that you're not where you're supposed to be. It's scary! We know.

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    Snarky, less-than-ambitious mom and writer of smutty fanfiction. Connect. Interests (15):

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    THE STORY Mist swirls around you, the woman, and the altar that stands between the two of you. On the altar rests a chalice and a single, gleaming Jewel.

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    Look! Down in that hole! It's a mole-person! It's a cave bear! It's.... THE ANGRY GEOLOGIST! A once young and idealistic geologist became disillusioned by a …

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    About Me I've been involved in fandom, off and on, since 1996. I started in X-Men Comicverse, switched over to popslash and wrote under the name Rhys, dabbled briefly in Dead Zone (TV), then came back to X-Men Comicverse, focussing primarily on X-Factor (Vol 3.) and X-Force (Vol. 1).

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    Reedy and Company is a property investment and management company located in Memphis TN. We manage rental properties owned by local and foreign investors, and offer more services to property investors than most; everything from private financing, property management, and sales.

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    Alya Césaire is Marinette's best friend who typically wears a plaid shirt and black glasses. She constantly helps Marinette with her problems, most of which pertain to Marinette attempting, and failing, to speak to Adrien; she is often seen encouraging and helping her to talk to him.