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    Tang Soo Do is a Korean martial art which teaches empty hand and foot fighting, fighting forms, self-defense, and weapons. Tang Soo Do also teaches people to live a healthy and harmonious life. This ancient martial art traces its lineage back 2,000 years to the Korean peninsula.

  2. The Path of the Spiritual Martial Artist Redux


    Aug 09, 2019 · In recent years, however, as various martial arts have made their way to the west and become more and more popular, the spiritual side of the martial arts has declined. Martial arts as a spiritual path have been replaced by martial arts that are both materialistic and egocentric.

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    • Isshin - Concentration the Art: We want you to teach us ...


      Many karate schools did not teach kobudo. But what was available were some books and the karate magazines, and they built interest. Being Isshinryu kobudo was part of my studies. Bo, Sai and Tonfa. And as I began to get around I had many who chose to share what they were doing in part, with me. At the open tournaments you saw many things.

    • Traditional Taekwondo Ramblings: Taekwondo`s Karate roots


      Karate can be written in two ways, they have different meanings, but they are both used for the martial art now known as Karate. The first read in Korean as Tang Su Do is read as To De/To Te in Japanese and is the more traditional term for denoting the martial art of Karate. "To" in To Te can also be read as "Kara".

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      • Why are MOST east Asian martial arts ineffective, while ...


        There're just more Asian martial arts that you know of because martial arts are associated with Asia and so those styles are better known. And to be fair to a lot of tma's, most of them were more like a bag of dirty tricks for dealing with situations more relevant to their time rather than the deeply sophisticated sport martial arts we have today.

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        Traditional Martial Arts for the 21st Century: Real-World Self-Defense and More.

      • Hombu (dojo) for Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai ...


        One of the original forms of karate developed on Okinawa is Shorin-Ryu. Shorin-Ryu is not only taught on Okinawa, but it is also taught in many places around the world including Mesa.

      • Soke Hausel's Guide to Tonfa - Martial Arts Weapon of Self ...


        The tonfa is one of many martial arts weapons taught to traditional Shorin-Ryu Karate students by Soke Hausel. This ancient weapon originated as a farming implement converted to a weapon of self-defense on Okinawa & later became popularized as a side-handle police baton.

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        • Ajit Vadakayil: KALARIPAYATTU , THE OLDEST AND THE ...


          Kalari, vermakalai, kuttuvarisal are the grandfathers of ancient greek martial arts, kung fu and others. Sage agastya inherited this from the gods. Achilles and the greek hero style to fight was from indian masters of kalari sword and shield.

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            Nellore Dojo Karate Training Hindupur Martial arts Tamilnadu Shaolin Kung-fu Training Andhra Kick Boxing Bangalore Karate Dojo Training Monk Best Wushu Warrior Weapons Training In