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  1. How to simplify your divorce - Info and Tips - EmpowHER


    Apr 28, 2017 · Divorce is never easy, and although it can happen once or twice to anyone, one divorce is different from another. But no matter what caused the rift, there is always stress and worries after the separation. The best course of action to stay calm and take your divorce head on. Here are a few ways to simplify your divorce and ultimately, your life.

  2. How to make your divorce easier on the children - Divorce ...


    No matter how many articles you have read beforehand there is no easy way to do this. Prepare yourself for the worst and go in with a smile and tons of patience. There is lots of information and advice on the ways of looking after children through the divorce process, however, in an ideal scenario ...

  3. Divorce & Separation - EmpowHER


    May 14, 2013 · EmpowHER has relationship advice for all the important relationships in your life. Find out information about parenting, marriage, new relationships & more. See the latest posts about Relationships & Family Divorce & Separation in women's health

  4. How to Handle Divorce Battles - Info and Tips - empowher.com


    Your lawyer will instruct you on how to make your ex-husband pay for some things, but will it remove the hurt he has caused? On the other hand, you cannot control the actions of your spouse during the divorce, but you can act rationally. The smoother the process goes, the faster you will heal your wounds.

  5. 5 Ways To Regain Your Confidence Quickly After A Nasty Divorce


    I've talked about how women can build up their confidence quickly after a divorce so they can put their life back on track straight away. Building up your confidence after a divorce isn't always easy and lots of women struggle with it, but if you're smart you can get back on your feet a lot quicker ...

  6. The Top 4 Ways to Simplify Your Divorce | Thiessen Law Firm


    Mar 30, 2017 · Your spouse will be the one having to counter your claims and may be more likely to retain a fair agreement in the final proceedings. Get an Aggressive Houston Divorce Attorney in Your Corner. Who you hire to handle your divorce is perhaps the most important decision you’ll make during the whole process.

  7. Minimize and Simplify: Advice for Men Starting Over After ...


    Mar 26, 2016 · Minimize and Simplify: Advice for Men Starting Over After a Divorce ... I found that tossing your photos will allow you to move on after your divorce. If …

  8. 8 Ways To Simplify Your Divorce, According To Attorneys ...


    If you're planning to divorce, take these tips to heart. Divorce, by nature, isn't easy. Luckily, there are some things you can do that will make the process just a little less difficult. Below, divorce lawyers share their little-known tips. 1. Open a bank account in your own name. "Couples who ...

    • Author: Carolin Lehmann
    • Three Tax Issues To Watch Out For Post-Divorce


      Aug 15, 2016 · Three Tax Issues To Watch Out For Post-Divorce Separating assets also means separating the tax attributes related to those assets. Sometimes, it can be a complex calculation and can result in thousands of dollars in tax savings, or cost.

    • Survive Divorce: Divorce Advice, Laws & Resources


      Expert advice, tools and resources on divorce laws, finances, custody, and more. Get the support you need to help you overcome the challenges of divorce.