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    homify is an online platform for architecture, interior design, building and decoration. homify offers everything the end user requires, from the planning stage, up to the delivery of the keys to your

  2. Get rid of these 6 things if you want a really clean home!


    Who does not want a clean and compact house? We invest in expensive designers and cleaning materials, but sometimes, no matter how hard we try, our home does not look clean and tidy. Typically, all of us have the tendency to not throw away our household materials till they are overused or broken. As a result of this, whenever we buy new things, our apartment just gets piled up with more and ...

  3. 9 kitchen tricks to help you save money: as easy ... - homify


    Today at homify, we present you with 9 smart ways in which your good old kitchen can help you become more economical sans compromising on convenience & style quotient. Some of these tricks might even just become your newest hobby! So join us now for 9 kitchen tricks to …

    • What you need to know before buying a house - homify


      Buying a house in the current property market may be risky business but that doesn't mean that you have to worry about taking the decision to be a homeowner… it may actually work out as an investment too! The homify team has compiled a list of tips and tricks that will make the choice of buying a ...

      • Author: Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
      • 21 ways to renovate your home with very ... - homify.co.uk


        If you have ever been amazed at how much difference a quick ten-minute repair can make on your home, you'll know that there are a million little things you can do to upgrade your living space without spending much money.These are the humble things that pop up as we go about our lives and get easily forgotten as we focus on the big home furnishings or makeovers that really demand attention.

      • How can I use a room separator creatively to divide spaces ...


        Most modern Indian apartments and houses have an open-plan layout. While this makes the entire area look spacious, there are times when one feels the need for privacy. A room separator is an excellent idea to partition spaces within an open plan into smaller areas where one can relax, eat or sleep ...

        • Author: Sunita Vellapally
        • Modern Living room - homify.ph


          Their photos and works can be found on the website, which users can pin their images to an ideabook. Ideabooks serve as a moodboard for users and it is a great way to stay inspired throughout your home decorating process. You can also go to Homify’s free consultation page …

        • Valentines day - Sexy makeover for the home! - homify.in


          With February 14th being one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants, bars, and cafes everywhere, picking a venue to celebrate Valentine’s Day can be stressful. If you do manage to book a table, chances are you’ll be surrounded by other couples and it won’t be the quiet, intimate evening you had planned. So why not celebrate this day of love in the cosy ambiance of your home?

          • Author: Justwords
          • 6 Easy Ways to Plan your Kitchen - homify.sg


            You can add a fresh herbs corner with glass wall jars growing oregano, thyme, mint and basil! You can even add a small radio near your window to help you hum a tune when you cook. At the end of the day, how you treat your kitchen defines your style and goes a long way in making your

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            • Must know facts about furniture - homify.in


              homify is an online platform for architecture, interior design, building and decoration. homify offers everything the end user requires, from the planning stage, up to the delivery of the keys to your