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    IntenseDebate's comment system enhances and encourages conversation on your blog or website.

  3. IntenseDebate - mickmcmanus


    You have been too well brought up Harry and have experienced only the good in people and that's why you are generous towards these evil people. As a youngster my first job after truck driving was managing delinquents, so I don't have your benign view of human malleability and scope for reform.

  4. IntenseDebate - TimJStroud


    Michel Barnier is the only person to emerge from these tortuous Brexit negotiations with any credit. He is suave, knowledgeable, always polite, persistent, and has had to put up with a series of dud

  5. IntenseDebate - 1timetory


    Oh, come now, old thing - every time I point out that only 37% of the electorate voted to leave the EU, and an almost statistically insignificant 12% voted for the company trading as The Brexit Party Ltd at the EU elections, I get a rather dusty response from my fellow inmates.

  6. IntenseDebate - perfidiously


    Yes. And yes. Free personal care and free prescriptions (for example &c) should apply in England and not be restricted to the Scotland (&c). I have yet to identify any area of social provision that benefits England post-devolution and yet the roll out of largesse in the other three nations seems limitless.

  7. IntenseDebate - PatriotGrandma


    These state laws encourage young people to buy health insurance. Because young people have fewer medical problems and lower health care costs, their premiums help subsidize the costs of older, sicker individuals. As higher numbers of young, healthy people join …