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  2. IntenseDebate - mickmcmanus


    IEA is a strange title for the economically illiterate. This idea is a daft as the one they had a couple of years ago that, since even the poor had £50 per week surplus per child, we could have an entirely private education system, saving money by having double-size classes and cheap newly-qualified teachers.

  3. IntenseDebate - Roger A. Briggs


    Excellent article. I would like to see this or articles like it posted every month and on more web sites just to keep people reminded. We need to recycle our electronics more conscientiously.....most people don't realize just how TOXIC they are.

  4. IntenseDebate - Tony_Richards


    Law and order, like Brexit, is a key battle ground in the culture wars, where one side is Joe public and the other side is the 'educated' establishment who by virtue of their privilege and wokeism know what's best for the thick, uneducated peasants, which can be summed up …

  5. IntenseDebate - tessiec07


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  6. IntenseDebate - TimJStroud


    told that starving peasants had no bread. BoJo wants people to have plenty of cake and bread, while Corbyn's peculiar recipe for success at a general election is to ban cake, and ration bread. Interesting remark live on BBC News Channel yesterday evening ( 14 Oct ) by Labour's Stephen

  7. IntenseDebate - Free_Born_John


    As a constituent of Phillip Lee and a member of Bracknell association I completely agree with the Attorney General. lee pretended to be eurosceptic to be selected, wrote to me and doubtless others bragging of his eurosceptics credentials in voting to hold the referendum, then announced 1 month before said referendum that he wasn’t sure how to vote, then came out for Remain on the eve of the ...

  8. IntenseDebate - VIRick


    “The people of Baltimore, the US Congress, and America have lost a voice of unsurpassed moral clarity and truth: our beloved Chairman Elijah Cummings," wrote Pelosi in a statement, describing him as the Democrats' "North Star" in the House. "I am personally devastated by his passing," she said.

  9. IntenseDebate - NoelBradford


    It is timely to remind people that Political Correctness, such as that which has rotted the core out of the police service, was originally called Cultural Marxism - the plan devised by the Frankfurt School Zionists in 1923 for the "deconstruction" of Western civilisation as a presquisite to the imposition of the New World Order/one-world ...

  10. IntenseDebate - PatriotGrandma


    These state laws encourage young people to buy health insurance. Because young people have fewer medical problems and lower health care costs, their premiums help subsidize the costs of older, sicker individuals. As higher numbers of young, healthy people join …