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    First, it’s important to understand that an “equitable division of assets” doesn’t mean that the final asset division must be precisely 50/50. That split is something of a broad guideline for a divorce settlement- the asset division should be somewhere in the neighborhood of equal, but there’s some leeway.

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    Equitable Division of Assets A Smarter Divorce – Denver, Aurora, Boulder and across Colorado In Colorado, property division matters associated with a divorce are governed by the doctrine of equitable distribution, which states that property and assets must be split in …

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    Split Simple uses transparent, fixed prices and guarantees court approval of all divorce documents. At Split Simple, our divorce mediators committed to a better process, a rigorous, data-driven, transparent process in which highly charged issues of finance and parenting are …

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    ALL PLANS INCLUDE: *Pricing is per spouse. No hourly billing. Free initial phone conversation for each spouse. No Retainer – pay as you go. Mediation Critical Checklist provided to client for preparation prior to the mediation session.