1. Bing 学术


    微软学术,由微软必应团队联合研究院打造的免费学术搜索产品,旨在为广大研究人员提供海量的学术资源 ...

  2. Discovering phase transitions with unsupervised learning

    Lei Wang
    2016 · Physical Review B|被引数:39

    Unsupervised learning is a discipline of machine learning which aims at discovering patterns in large data sets or classifying the data into several categories without being trained explicitly. We show that unsup…

  3. A Spatial Access-Oriented Implementation of a 3-D GIS Topological Data Model for Urban Entities - Home - Springer


    Abstract. 3-D analysis in GIS is still one of the most challenging topics for research. With the goal being to model possible movement within the built environment, this paper, therefore, proposes a new approac…

  4. M3RSM: Many-To-Many Multi-Resolution Scan Matching


    M3RSM: Many-to-Many Multi-Resolution Scan Matching Edwin Olson 1 Abstract We describe a new multi-resolution scan matching method that makes exhaustive (and thus local-minimum-proof)

  5. Collaborative Deep Learning for Recommender Systems - arXiv


    Collaborative Deep Learning for Recommender Systems Hao Wang Hong Kong University of Science and Technology hwangaz@cse.ust.hk Naiyan Wang Hong Kong University of

  6. Empathy and Masculinity in Harper Lee's to Kill a Mockingbird


    Abstract. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird illustrates a troubled relationship between lawyering and empathy and between empathy and masculinity.

  7. 学术大师聚集地,人才培养典范——清华大学媒体与网络 ...


    为了了解清华大学联合实验室的情况,《计算机教育》杂志拜访了清华大学计算机系党委书记兼常务副主任、“华大学媒体与网络技术教育部-微软联合实验室”主任杨士强 ...

  8. Learning with Kernels - dl.acm.org


    From the Publisher: In the 1990s, a new type of learning algorithm was developed, based on results from statistical learning theory: the Support Vector Machine (SVM).

  9. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov


    Moved Permanently. The document has moved here.

  10. "Potential Impacts on Individuals Caused by the Invasion of NGOs into International Politics" by Zhao Li and Haibin Qi - S…


    Abstract. In the contemporary world, NGOs are playing significant roles in international cooperation and globalization. This actively promotes the formation of a global society.

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