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    The Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) Foundation is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to foster the exchange of research on neural information proc…

  2. Discovering phase transitions with unsupervised learning

    Lei Wang
    2016 · Physical Review B|被引数:42

    Unsupervised learning is a discipline of machine learning which aims at discovering patterns in large data sets or classifying the data into several categories without being trained explicitly. We show that unsup…

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  4. 交流学术、孵化人才——香港中文大学-微软“利群计算机界面 ...


    1尖端研究及学术带头 “香港中文大学微软利群计算及界面科技实验室”凝聚了香港中文大学和微软亚洲研究院在核心领域的研究力量。发展以人为本的技术是个长期的 ...

  5. M3RSM: Many-To-Many Multi-Resolution Scan Matching


    M3RSM: Many-to-Many Multi-Resolution Scan Matching Edwin Olson 1 Abstract We describe a new multi-resolution scan matching method that makes exhaustive (and thus local-minimum-proof)

  6. Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Epidemiology and Molecular Carcinogenesis - Gastroenterology - gastrojournal.org


    Figure 11. Alterations of developmental and oncogenic pathways associated with hepatocarcinogenesis. The most frequently occurring lesions that lead to an activation of developmental and oncogenic pathwa…

  7. Lane Change Intent Analysis Using Robust Operators and Sparse Bayesian Learning

    Joel C Mccall · Mohan M Trivedi · David P Wipf · Bhaskar D Rao

    In this paper we demonstrate a driver intent inference system (DIIS) based on lane positional information, vehicle parameters, and driver head motion. We present robust computer vision methods for identifying …

  8. Measuring the robustness of link prediction algorithms under noisy environment - PubMed Central (PMC)


    Results. Let us consider an undirected network G(V, E) where V is the node set and E is the link set. In link prediction problem, E is divided into a training set E T and a probe set E P.Usually, 90% of the link…

  9. "Potential Impacts on Individuals Caused by the Invasion of NGOs into International Politics" by Zhao Li and Haibin Qi - S…


    Abstract. In the contemporary world, NGOs are playing significant roles in international cooperation and globalization. This actively promotes the formation of a global society.

  10. Esteban Echeverría: El matadero, ensayos estéticos y prosa varia

    Maria De Los Angeles Perez Lopez

    Esteban Echeverría El: matadero, ensayos estéticos y prosa varia edició, n crítica de El matadero selección, introducción, nota, ys bibliografí de a Fernando BurgosHanover, Edicione, des Nortel ,1992 . …

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