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5 products every female athlete needs to own now

Sep 04, 2019 · 10:23 AM
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Whether you’re looking to solve a common problem, dress to impress and sweat, or take your fitness routine and recovery to the next level, these five products are must-haves for the gym bag of any female athlete. And they’re all affordable.
(Photo courtesy of  tptherapy.com)
TriggerPoint GRID Mini Foam Roller: The harder you work out, the more you need to help your muscles recover. Enter the TriggerPoint GRID series of foam rollers. The mini foam roller is as effective as it is easy to take with you. Plus, it fits nicely into any carryon luggage (you can stuff socks and other small items in its hollow center).
I have also threaded the strap of my gym bag through its center and carried it that way. Trust me, if you don’t have a personal masseuse travelling with you, then this is the next best thing. Never be without relief for your sore and fatigued muscles again. Price: $24.99 Website: tptherapy.com
Cheeky Brief (Photo courtesy of THINX.)
Cotton Brief (Photo courtesy of THINX.)
THINX Underwear: These are a sustainable option for managing your period and will eliminate all worry of staining your underwear or exercise clothes while you work out.
THINX underwear are capable of absorbing as much as two tampons, making them a great replacement or backup system for menstruating athletes. Personally, they have seen me through many a beach volleyball tournament when bathroom breaks are few and far between. They’re also great when you’re travelling.
There’s a style for everyone (boy short, bikini, thong, sport, and more) as well as a colorful line dedicated to young athletes—THINX (BTWN) for tween and teen girls. Ever expanding into new territory, THINX now sells more than just underwear; they also have training shorts and leotards. Plus, THINX is a company with a conscious, donating a percentage of sales to Girls Inc. Price: $24–$39 (less if you buy three). Website: shethinx.com
(Photo courtesy of Vooray International.)
Vooray Burner Sport 21-inch Gym Bag:When it comes to size, versatility, durability, and useful details, this bag is up to the task for every athlete. It’s large enough to hold all of your gear.
There are storage compartments galore, including two for water bottles, yoga mat straps, a faux fur-lined pocket for pampering your cell phone, a ventilated shoe pocket, and a small laundry bag to keep wet or dirty clothes separate. It also has a water-resistant base to protect your gear from the elements.
I love the magnetic handles which refuse to slip down my shoulders. These bags are aesthetically pleasing too. Choose from eight colors and patterns. Price: $69.99 Website: vooray.com
Mount Rainier (Photo courtesy of Yogescape.)
New York City (Photo Courtesy of Yogescape.)
Cathedral Rock (Photo courtesy of Yogescape.)
Yogescape Scenic Workout Leggings: The first time I saw someone wearing these, I knew I had to buy a pair for myself! Your biggest challenge will be choosing which stunning design(s) to purchase.
How about the NYC skyline, Mount Rainier, or the Milky Way over Bryce Canyon? And if your state isn’t represented on a pair of leggings yet, don’t worry—there’s a tank top. This is another purchase you can feel good about, because 100 percent of profits go to a charity operating in the state depicted. So go ahead and make a statement while also supporting a good cause. Price: $49 Website: yogescape.storenvy.com
Zen Metal Collection (Photo by Briana Sposato/InBetweenRivers.)
Silver Sage ZipPocket from the Nature Collection (Photo by Briana Sposato/InBetweenRivers.)
ThePureBag ZipPocket: These small hypo-microbial pouches make a great addition to any gym bag, but they are also useful on their own. They’re perfect for all those items that manage to get lost (lip balm, tissues, deodorant, keys, etc.).
They also make a great feminine product pouch. On rainy days or beach days, I used to put my cell phone in a plastic sandwich bag to protect it from the water and sand. These pouches are a much more elegant solution.
Toss all your electronics in one to protect them from leaks, spills, and wet weather. This company also makes yoga bags out of the same microbe-repelling material, but (at a much higher price point) those are a bit of a splurge. Price: $28 Website: thepurebag.com

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