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Anyone exploring Europe needs these 8 apps installed

Jul 23, 2019 · 8:24 AM
Aubrey Byron
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The colorful coast of Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy (Photo by Aubrey Byron)
Europe offers a compact array of exemplary culture, cuisine, accommodations and sights for any vacation. Planning a trip and exploring new places can be stressful though, even for the most experienced travelers.
These apps will help make your trip a breeze by providing easy-to-use phrasebooks, route planning and destination inspiration. 


Via Rome2Rio
When it comes to planning a European vacation, no app is a more powerful planning tool than Rome2Rio.
This travel planning application allows you to simultaneously see all transportation possibilities along with the estimated time and cost.
When traveling between London and Paris, you can weigh the cost-effectiveness of the night bus versus the timeliness of the Eurostar or the hassle of flying. It is the quintessential app to have before you even start mapping your vacation to decide on a route and a means to get there.


Via Triposo
Triposo is an all-in-one online travel guide. Its best feature is the ability to save roaming travelers huge internet fees by working offline.
Choose between downloading a guide for a particular city or for entire countries and regions. Then you can explore walking tours, compact histories, and even language phrasebooks. Triposo makes it easy to be a courteous traveler by making simple phrases and historical context available at your fingertips.

XE Currency 

Via XE Currency
If you take one piece of advice for your trip and ignore all others, let it be this: Never exchange money without checking the rates!
Many apps include exchange rates to help save you from making a classic, newbie traveler mistake, including Triposo. None is more respected or constantly updated than XE Currency.
This exchange app is also available offline so you can check it before any exchange, especially in downtown, tourist traps.

Google Maps 

Via Google
Android users may roll their eyes at this one, but Google Maps is a great app for using public transportation in a foreign city.
While it does require data, routes can be downloaded or routed while using Wi-Fi, then kept open while traveling.
Pro tip: Take advantage of the ability to see the name of and count every stop on a bus or subway to keep track and avoid missing your exit due to language barriers. 

Rail Planner 

Via Rail Planner
Rail Planner is a free app designed for Eurail users — a pass for European train travel — but anyone can take advantage of the offline timetable information for trains and connections throughout Europe.
Through the app you can route a trip, reserve seats and find updated timelines for almost any continental train.


Via Dropbox
If you are a light packer or just aspire to be, one of the easiest items to avoid carrying is a laptop.
The best way to do it is by using Dropbox for photo storage. The free account allows you 2 gigabytes of storage, but for $99 a year, individuals can purchase a 1000GB chunk of storage. With it, you can unload any and all photos and videos to a cloud without carrying equipment to store them on.
If using a DSLR camera, simply find a small SD card reader for your phone or tablet. 


Via Trailforks
The most adventurous of travelers will want to move beyond city landscapes and museums. True gems of Europe are found in the countryside — in olive groves and Alpine meadows.
For those wanting to explore the hiking Europe has to offer, the Trailforks app will be a must to download. Originally conceived for mountain biking trails, Trailforks has the most expansive list of hiking and biking trails to be explored in Europe.
Explore the region and download the complete guide for later use. 


Via WhatsApp
Those with family around the world probably know, but for those that don't, WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows for easy, free communication between those in different country codes.
The messaging and calling app is available on most phones throughout the world. Whether you have friends abroad or just want to make some at hostels, chances are they will want to talk via WhatsApp.

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Written byAubrey ByronAubrey Byron
Aubrey is a writer based in St. Louis, Missouri. She writes about games, entertainment, travel, and urban planning. She is a regular contributor at Strong Towns.
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